Top Laptop Tips Straight From The Technology Experts

There are so many options available when it comes to choosing the right laptop for your needs. The choice to purchase a new laptop or even a used one can feel overwhelming when you don’t know a lot about technology. The following article was written to help you make wise choices when it comes to laptops.

A can of compressed air can be your laptop computer’s best friend. You can prolong the life of your laptop by blowing out dust and debris from your computer’s fan and heat sink at least once a month. Make sure that the compressed air that you purchase is static neutral.

Before buying a laptop, look online for discounts and coupons. This can save you a lot of money at the time of purchase. It can be very annoying to make a purchase then find out later there was a coupon for $50 off.

Think about the amount of hard drive space you need when looking for a laptop. Like standard computers, the hard drive will hold all your files and information. It it gets full, you’ll need to replace it, or use an external hard drive. When you check out the hard drive specs on a laptop, make sure to get the maximum size hard drive. It’s usually best to consider the possibility that you will eventually run out of space.

To repair just one faulty key on your laptop, gently pull up on the edge until it comes off, and look at the hinge underneath. If the hinge is cracked or broken, you need to order just a new key kit instead of a whole new keyboard. Installation instructions come with the kits, and you end up saving money.

Are you afraid of your laptop being stolen? Invest in a tracking software such as CyberAngel Security, Absolute Software’s Lojack for laptops or TheLaptopLock (which is free). These increase the chances of recovering your laptop by pinpointing the location of the registered notebook once it connects onto the Web.

Think about the size. Laptops now come in a range of sizes. There are big laptops that are best suited to desks, and tiny laptops that can fit in a little bag. Decide how you will be using the laptop. If you need portability as a main feature, go small.

Try out the keyboard. There is not much worse than buying a new laptop to find that the keyboard is a pain. If the keys are hard to use, or too close together, they may not be comfortable for heavy tapping. Though you can add-on a keyboard, you may want to test the one you are buying by typing on it.

To keep your laptop from overheating when you are working on it in bed or on the couch, make sure that you do not set the laptop directly on a soft surface, such as a blanket or quilt. A hard surface gives the cooling vents room to operate, but softer surfaces fill the gaps, keeping the heat inside the motors and potentially damaging your laptop.

Laptops have evolved over the years and there are some fantastic useful features available if you just know where to look. If you have ever felt overwhelmed about buying a new laptop, just take it one step at a time. Use the tips from this article to help cure your confusion!


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